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AGCDN with WAF / IO Features

Learn more about AGCDN with WAF / IO features.

This section provides detailed information on AGCDN with WAF and IO features. AGCDN with WAF/IO includes all AGCDN features and the additional features below.

OWASP Layer 7 and Enterprise WAF Rules

Application-layer (OSI Layer 7) protection meets OWASP guidelines. This protection simplifies event monitoring and mitigation without requiring changes that introduce latency.

The AGCDN Web Application Firewall (WAF) inspects each packet in detail to block malicious traffic and is fine-tuned for WordPress and Drupal.

Support for XSS vulnerabilities.

Efficient Image Optimization at the Edge

Image Optimization (IO) renders images using high-density points of presence (POPs) that cache content for longer times and serve millions of image variations. Serving from the edge in this way offloads work from your servers and improves your site's performance. IO supports several formats, including animated GIFs.

Advanced Bot Detection and Mitigation

The following third-party plugins are available:

The customer is responsible for purchasing, maintaining payment for, and supporting these plugins.

See a comparison of the features offered by our CDN services.

Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting lets you place limits on request volume at the network perimeter. Organizations of all sizes can adopt this edge configuration to block malicious traffic. Rate Limiting can be configured to guard critical assets including login, form, and promotional pages by adding another layer of security to your site.

The benefits of Rate Limiting include:

  • Volumetric Attack Mitigation - Reduce the effectiveness of malicious traffic, including brute-force login and denial-of-service attacks.

  • Policy-based Control - Adjust configurations for your policy, including requests per second, and detection window.

  • Custom Responses - Select from actions that allow you to block requests or log them, and configure custom responses for your policy.

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