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Pantheon Docs

New to the Pantheon platform? Check out our step-by-step guide to learn all the basics.

Getting started guide

Documentation Topics

Get Started

Migrate existing sites or spin up a new site, then learn how to manage your projects on Pantheon.


Set up your local or work via SFTP and Git within our Dev, Test, and Live environments to follow development best practices.

Go Live

Learn how to launch sites on Pantheon. Select the correct plan, then add your domain and enable HTTPS.

Create a Front-End Site

Get started with decoupled architecture on Pantheon.

Explore Platform Architecture

Understand and leverage our container-based infrastructure for smooth scaling.

Automate & Integrate

Script common procedures using Quicksilver and the Pantheon YAML file. Integrate third-party services with Drupal and WordPress.

Optimize Performance

Configure cache, upgrade PHP, and use New Relic APM for optimal performance.

Manage Teams & Organizations

Add team members, restrict access, and manage projects in bulk using cloud-based development tools.


Understand known issues with plugins or modules and expose problems in log files.

Accessibility Guide

Extend your site's reach with accessibility planning, fixes and testing.

Using WordPress?

The information you need to use WordPress with Pantheon.

Using Drupal?

The information you need to use Drupal with Pantheon.

Disaster Recovery Playbook

Be ready to act if your site stops responding.

Platform Status

Check for platform incident reports.