Pantheon Changelog

October 2022 Changelog

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Platform Improvements

Drupal 9.4.5

Drupal 9.4.5 is available for production sites. This is a patch (bugfix) release of Drupal 9 and is ready for use on production sites. Drupal 9.4.x will receive security coverage until June 2023 when Drupal 10.1.0 is released.

Drupal 9.3.22

Drupal 9.3.22 is available for production sites and includes backwards-compatible improvements. Drupal 9.3 was released in December 2021. From Drupal 9.3, PHP version 8.0 or higher is recommended; PHP 7.3 and higher remains supported. Drupal 9.3.x will receive security coverage until December 8, 2022 when Drupal 9.5.0 is released.

Drupal 9 sites on Pantheon use Integrated Composer, enabling one-click core updates through the Dashboard. To check for available updates, click Check Now from the site Dashboard Dev tab.

Product and Features Updates

New Dashboard

Previously, users with the Unprivileged role were not able to create sites using Custom Upstreams. Users with the Unprivileged role do not possess permissions to access the Workspace Dashboard and could not create sites using Custom Upstreams. Now, it's possible to create a site using a Custom Upstream from the Personal Workspace in the New Dashboard. Click Create New Site and then select Upstream From Workspace.


Quicksilver on Pantheon - Documentation on Quicksilver is now available in an accessible guide. Quicksilver hooks into platform workflows to automate your Pantheon WebOps workflow. This allows the platform to run selected scripts automatically every hour, or when a team member triggers the corresponding workflow.