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Edward Angert
Manager of Technical Documentation, Pantheon
Michelle Colón
Technical Writer, Pantheon
Jennifer Hoffman
Senior Technical Writer, Pantheon
Whitney Meredith
Technical Writer, Pantheon
Eladio Abquina
Manager of Implementation Services, Pantheon
Carl Alberto
WordPress Solutions Architect, Pantheon
Suzanne Aldrich
Web technologist specializing in security, performance, and usability.
Greg Anderson
Manager of Engineering, Pantheon
Daniel Bachhuber
Bachhuber is founder & principal at Hand Built. He specializes in code review, data migrations, and scaling WordPress.
Caity Bishop
Community contributor
Clinton Bowen
Albert Causing
Manager, CSE EMEA, Pantheon
Matt Cheney
Website developer extraordinaire, Pantheon
Brent Connor
Steven DuBois
Support Dispatcher and Web Developer at DevCollaborative.
Joanie Edwards
Community contributor
Cal Evans
Technical Manager, Training and Certification @zend
Jessi Fischer
Community contributor
Alex Fornuto
Technical Writer. Confirmed human via Gom Jabbar.
Andy Fragen
I am a surgeon, husband and father and I try my best to juggle all while keeping perspective on what’s important. BTW, importance is listed in reverse order.
Sarah German
Community contributor
Ari Gold
Product Manager, Pantheon
Drew Gorton
Community contributor
Mason James
CEO | Founder of WP Valet
Cyrus Kia
Software Engineer, Pantheon
Fatima Sarah Khalid
Community contributor
Tara King
Community contributor
Tom Kirkpatrick
After many years of developing custom web solutions and CMS systems I realised the error of my ways and decided to pool all of my efforts into making Drupal a better CMS platform. These days, I eat, sleep and breath Drupal.
Kate Kligman
Open source contributor, indie game developer, retro gamer
Josh Koenig
Chief Strategy Officer, Pantheon
Aleksandr Korolyov
Software Engineer | DrupalSquad
Tessa Kriesel
Community contributor
Dustin LeBlanc
Community contributor
Brian MacKinney
Instructional Designer, user of Drupal, WordPress, and Pantheon. Baseball, Surfing, and camping with family on weekend.
Andrew Mallis
A Bay Area-based polymedia artist & technologist | Co-founder @kalamuna
Ryan Marks
Manager of Engineering, Pantheon
Chris Martin
Scott Massey
Community contributor
Erik Mathy
Community contributor
Christopher Matthews
Dwayne McDaniel
Community contributor
Katie McGonigal
Community contributor
Maximo Mena
Maximo Mena was born in Lima, Peru. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2003 to attend Arizona State University (ASU), where he got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Technology.
David Needham
Community contributor
Brian Perry
Senior Software Engineer, Pantheon
Steve Persch
Senior Manager, Outbound Product Management, Pantheon
Eric Peterson
Marketing engineering
Patrick Rauland
Ecommerce consultant, LinkedIn Learning instructor, and content creator for WooCommerce events planner with Automattic and others.
Chris Reynolds
Senior Software Engineer, Pantheon
John Richards II
Community contributor
Lukas Rosenstock
API, Cloud & Integration Expert
Peter Sawczynec
Community contributor
Jordan Schulz
Customer Success Engineer, Pantheon
Erik Schwartz
Civic developer, human centered!
Carolyn Shannon
Community contributor
Coby Sher
Senior Software Engineer, Pantheon
John Spellman
Community contributor
Tom Stovall
Senior Software Engineer, Pantheon
David Strauss
CTO & Co-Founder, Pantheon
Peter Suhm
Web Developer and Travel Addict | Taking the pain out of WordPress development with @WP_Pusher
Andrew Taylor
Community contributor
Kyle Taylor
Sales Engineer at Pantheon. Drupal developer and open source evangelist. Startup Weekend Facilitator. President at TechMill Denton.
Chris Teitzel
Seattle based developer and entrepreneur | Founder of @keylockr and Cellar Door Media
Brian Thompson
Developer by day, techie and gamer by night, camper on the weekends
Nathan Tyler
Community contributor
Alex Vasquez
Co-Founder of Digisavvy
Ryan Wagner
Software Engineer, Pantheon
Rachel Whitton
Team Lead, Migration Services, Pantheon
Kit Wong
Manager, Sales Engineering, Pantheon
Brian Wood
Applications Programmer UC Berkeley, IST Web Platform Services
Steve Zipfel
Community contributor