Pantheon Changelog

July 2023 Changelog

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Platform Updates

Drupal 7.98

Drupal 7.98 is available on the Pantheon platform. Users may update their sites immediately. Detailed information on applying and debugging core updates can be found in the Core Updates documentation.

WP-CLI 2.8.1

WP-CLI 2.8.1 is now live on the platform.

Deprecation of Obsolete TLS 1.2 Cipher Suites

In Pantheon's continual efforts to stay up to date with modern web security standards, Pantheon is removing support for a certain set of cipher suites for TLS 1.2. By removing support for specific TLS 1.2 ciphers, Pantheon is enhancing overall platform security. This change ensures that the websites hosted on Pantheon will only use stronger and more secure encryption protocols, which helps protect sensitive information transmitted between users and the websites.

The following obsolete TLS 1.2 ciphers have known vulnerabilities and have been removed:


Pantheon has proactively identified and communicated with affected customers. No action is required at this time, but if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Account Team at Pantheon or to Pantheon Support via a ticket or chat.

Feature and Product Release Updates

Integrated Composer

Pantheon customers can now re-run Integrated Composer builds via Terminus - without creating a new commit. Previously, pushing a new commit to the Dashboard was the only way to trigger a build. Occasionally site developers experience failed builds for external reasons (external repo issue, broken key, etc.). This update brings even greater functionality and flexibility to Integrated Composer.


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