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Pantheon Changelog

November 2023 Changelog

We're transitioning away from publishing product updates in this section of Pantheon Docs to release notes.

Feature and Product Release Updates

VPAT issued for product accessibility

  • As part of Pantheon’s commitment to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion, we are proud to announce that we have completed an external audit of our platform’s accessibility features and the results are available in our WCAG 2.1 AA VPAT.
  • Our teams have ongoing efforts to improve accessibility further and have outlined goals to improve our support of WCAG 2.1 AA criteria for the next two quarters.
  • Our partners and customers who depend on WCAG compliant products can confidently continue to use the platform knowing that we hold accessibility to be an important function of the services we provide.

Faster Backups

The File System team at Pantheon achieved significant speed improvements in backup processes. The Valhalla export process was overhauled, allowing backups to be constructed from new objects, cutting down export times by 25-83%. This was accomplished by initiating object retrieval immediately after receiving MANIFEST metadata, omitting empty files, and promptly archiving received files.

Composer Logs Visibility

Visibility into composer logs has been a top customer request. Now, if you need to debug a composer build failure due to an error, install the Terminus Composer Logs plugin on your machine to view more details. Upstream Update logs are also available. Installation instructions and command usage can be found here in the plugin's GitHub repository.

Streamlined User Offboarding

Administrators of large workspaces will now be able to easily remove access for offboarded users at scale. When a member of your team changes jobs, or for whatever reason you need to remove a person from your sites, you can now do so faster

As you remove users from your workspace or site team, you will be prompted to remove access across all sites that a given user may be connected to, which can save multiple clicks and manual labor to ensure the right access levels are maintained.

To learn more about how this new offboarding process works, take a look at our documentation.

Platform Updates

Front-End Sites Build Caching and Node.js Versions

Pantheon introduced a new build pipeline for Front End Sites to significantly improve build times. Beginning on November 13th, 2023, newly created sites are automatically using the new pipeline and cannot opt back to the old pipeline. Sites made prior to that date can opt-in to the new pipeline to take advantage of the new features. All pre-existing sites that do not opt-in will be switched over for new builds on or around January 15th.

Additionally, we are adding support for Node 18 (for dynamic sites) and 20 (for both static and dynamic sites). To select a specific version, Pantheon is moving away from using .nvmrc and will instead look to the “engines” field in your project’s package.json file.

To find out more about adopting the new pipeline, check out our documentation, and read our blog post about how we’re already experiencing the benefits of this internally at Pantheon.

WordPress Native PHP Sessions 1.4 Update

The WordPress Native PHP Sessions plugin added primary keys to its custom tables in 1.2.2 for greater performance and redundancy, but did not upgrade existing sites. Now, version 1.4 includes an optional upgrade command for sites that installed the plugin prior to the 1.2.2 release.

Our open source WordPress Native PHP Sessions is available in the plugins repo.


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