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June 1, 2022

Drupal 9 Migration Guides - The new Drupal 9 Migration Guides have been published. This is a major rework of the existing guide and provides greater assistance to users when choosing their upgrade path, creating separate guides for each path, or adding content for previously undocumented paths.

Using Solr 8 on Drupal 9 - Pantheon Search is now in General Availability. Pantheon Search is a system for indexing and searching site content. Pantheon Search with Solr 8 gives Drupal 9 web teams a high-performance search index integrated with Integrated Composer's one-click updates. Pantheon provides Solr-based search as a service for all environments. Currently, the default version of Solr on Pantheon is Apache Solr v3.6, but we recommend using Solr v8.

WordPress on Pantheon Quick Start Guide - This guide offers a comprehensive overview of WordPress on Pantheon. Use this guide to learn how to create a WordPress site on Pantheon or migrate an existing WordPress site. You can also learn about WordPress plugins, optimization, security, and content management.

WordPress with Composer on Pantheon - This new guide offers an overview of Composer-managed WordPress site capabilities on Pantheon. You can use this guide to create a new WordPress site that uses Composer, Continuous Integration, and Automated Testing. Additionally, you can learn how to create a new WordPress site that uses Integrated Composer.