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July 1, 2022

Autopilot for Custom Upstreams - Combining Autopilot with Custom Upstreams is an excellent way to reduce the time spent on maintaining multiple sites. Pantheon allows eligible customers to use Autopilot and Custom Upstreams to automate routine maintenance for upstream and downstream sites.

Fastly on Pantheon - Pantheon offers extensive content delivery network (CDN) features through our Global CDN and Advanced Global CDN. Pantheon also partners with Fastly if you prefer to use a CDN outside of the Pantheon platform. Using Fastly can be a good option if you are looking for log or media storage integration solutions.

Git on Pantheon Guide - A new guide on using Git on the Pantheon platform is now available. Pantheon provides industry standard version control with Git. Pantheon uses Git to make sure all code is stored, versioned, and deployed both safely and predictably.

WordPress REST API - The WordPress Edge Integrations plugin provides REST API endpoints for all of the major functions and output available via server-side PHP code. A full list and descriptions of all endpoints exists in the WordPress Edge Integrations SDK documentation. To learn more about the WordPress SDK, refer to the documentation.