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Drupal 7.99 release - bug fixes & feature enhancements


January 22, 2024

Pantheon has seamlessly integrated the Drupal 7.99 release, packed with bug fixes and exciting feature enhancements.


  • Menu link enhancement: "Parent link" in new custom menu creation is now limited to the current menu, simplifying the process. Editing still allows access to links from other menus, enabling easy relocation.

  • New Drupal 7 hook: Introduced a new “hook_field_schema_alter()”, providing additional flexibility for schema alterations.

  • Security improvement for failed logins: Error messages after a failed login now include a password reset link without disclosing the username, enhancing security by preventing unintended disclosure to third-party services.

Elevate your Drupal 7 experience by applying these updates directly from your Pantheon dashboard. If you would like to delve into specifics of this release, please explore on