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Improved Load Balancer Scalability

May 15, 2024

Beginning on May 20th, Pantheon will start enhancing our platform's scalability with an update to our traffic delivery and load balancing systems. These improvements, rolling out over the next few weeks, require no action from you.

The infrastructure that serves a CMS Site

Our new solution, built on AlloyDB, will make Pantheon more resilient to traffic spikes, including potential DDoS attacks. We’re introducing this change gradually, starting with a small percentage of traffic (less than 0.1%), to ensure maximum safety. Our engineering team will closely monitor the process and can quickly revert to the previous system if needed.

We expect that you will not notice any changes during this update, but it will result in increased reliability for your site. Once the rollout is complete and we’ve gathered data, we’ll share a detailed analysis of the benefits this upgrade brings to our platform.