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April 1, 2018

Configure Redirects

Review considerations and recommendations on how to handle redirect logic via PHP within your site's configuration file.

Setting and Clearing Custom Cache Tags in Drupal 9

Learn how to use the Views Cache Tags module along with custom code to control the Pantheon Advanced Page Cache.

Metrics in the Site Dashboard

Measure your site's traffic with the Metrics tool, found in the Live environment of the Site Dashboard.

Account Billing in the User Dashboard

View billing history (invoices and transactions) or edit credit card profiles to manage billing for sites in bulk within the Billing tab of the Account tool in the User Dashboard.

Billing in the Site Dashboard

Add a new credit card, remove the current card or transfer billing to a new site owner within the Billing tab of the Settings tool in the Site Dashboard.

Traffic Limits and Overages

Information on how Pantheon measures site traffic.