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October 1, 2021

Autopilot - The Autopilot updater bot now scans a site’s homepage when initially enabled and automatically suggests 10 links that are important for VRT, allowing users to enable it for large site portfolios without having to manually create a test plan. You can also use the CMS update automation tool in the Dashboard to determine the estimated time your team has saved in Autopilot. For more information, refer to our Autopilot documentation.

Pantheon Global CDN - The Global CDN now offers Experience Protection to provide continuous and uninterrupted site uptime. If your site experiences issues, whether it’s an infrastructure problem or an application error, the Global CDN now delivers cached content to visitors instead of displaying an error message. For more information, refer to our Experience Protection documentation.

Terminus - The default branch name of the Terminus GitHub repository has changed from master to 2.x. This change only impacts individuals with a local clone of the Terminus repository, such as Terminus contributors or plugin developers. Update the local clone of the branch to 2.x as described in the GitHub documentation to avoid disruptions.