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August 1, 2022

Autopilot Pre-Configuration Checklist - There are a few things you should know before you enable Autopilot. Use this guide to ensure your current site configuration is compatible with Autopilot. For more information on Autopilot, refer to the documentation.

Pantheon Decoupled - Pantheon Decoupled is available for Early Access participants. Pantheon Decoupled provides users with tools that improve the experience of building a decoupled front-end that sources data from a CMS back-end. With decoupled sites a CMS site can be linked to a single decoupled site or multiples sites, or the user does not need a CMS at all and can link directly to a front end application! Please check out how we can help you transition to a decoupled experience on the Pantheon platform.

Pantheon Global CDN - A guide for Pantheon's Global CDN is now available. Global CDN is a core platform offering that provides improved performance and security for customer sites. It supports caching to accelerate both static content and anonymous site pages. By serving data from cache servers all over the world, website visitors receive a response without having to wait.

Multidev Guide - Multidevs are development environments for teams. A Multidev environment allows a developer to fork the entire stack (code and content), work independently, and then merge the code changes back into the main site. Refer to this guide for detailed information using Pantheon's Multidev environment for your Drupal or WordPress site.