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Early Access: Workflow Logs for critical insights

April 26, 2024

We're announcing Workflow Logs, a powerful new feature for enhanced visibility and troubleshooting operations on the Pantheon platform. The feature can be accessed directly from your site dashboard, adjacent to the Support tab.

Key features

  • Status overview: View key information on the status of workflows, including progress statuses, along with additional details such as start time, end time, initiating team member, and environment.
  • In-depth details: Access code sync, error details, build logs, and Quicksilver posted messages from the expandable sections.
  • Filtering: The workflows displayed comprise a curated list of user-relevant workflows. Further narrow your focus by utilizing filters to quickly find specific workflows by environment or completion status.
  • Archiving: Export all visible workflows to a CSV file for archival purposes with the 'Download to CSV' button.

Workflow logs tab

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Request early access

If you're interested in getting early access to Workflow Logs, we invite you to join our early access program. Simply fill out the request form to apply. This will allow you to start using the feature and provide us with valuable feedback to help improve it further.

Our team will continuously enhance Workflow Logs through a planned list of improvements as well as collected feedback throughout the early access program.