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Review essential steps for launching your site on Pantheon.

Pantheon is a WebOps platform for open-source Drupal and WordPress sites that makes it easy to design, build, test, and measure your sites. WebOps combines the lessons of Agile and DevOps communities to prioritize iterative work that is visible to all team members. You can quickly deploy different versions of the same site on your Test environment, Live environment, and backup servers.

Get WebOps Training

Optimize your dev team and streamline WebOps workflows. Pantheon delivers on-demand training to help development teams master our platform and improve their internal WebOps practices.

This guide will show you how to create, configure, and launch your site on the Pantheon platform. You should also refer to the WordPress Launch Check or Drupal Launch Check depending on your CMS, to ensure that your site performs as expected for your users.

Essential Steps in This Guide

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