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Final Review

Review next steps to take after you launch your site.

Congratulations on launching a site on Pantheon. Review next steps below for information on WordPress and Drupal launch checks, content staging, New Relic performance monitoring, load and performance testing, and secure development on the Pantheon platform.

Next Steps

WordPress and Drupal Launch Check

WordPress Launch Check: Pantheon provides recommendations that fit the vast majority of use cases by using a technique known as static program analysis which gathers performance and behavior patterns to see how a site works.

Drupal Launch Check: Pantheon provides static site analysis as a service for Drupal sites to make best practice recommendations on site configurations. These reports are found in the Site Dashboard under the Status tab and are accessible by site team members.

Content Staging

Content Staging workflow between test and live environments can be difficult to manage without introducing conflicts. The default workflow is for content to be created, staged, and published in the live environment. Review the Content Staging documentation to find content staging solutions that match your current WordPress or Drupal configuration.

Activate New Relic® Performance Monitoring

New Relic Performance Monitoring offers a wide array of metrics that provide a nearly real-time look into the performance of a web application. Using New Relic not only makes it easy for you to monitor your performance, but it can also speed up the support process by helping our support team visualize corresponding performance and symptoms.

Load and Performance Test

Load and Performance Tests can help expose and identify potential performance issues. These tests provide insight for how a site will perform during peak traffic spikes.

Secure Development on Pantheon

All Pantheon sites come with built-in security features that are compatible with the security measures listed above, including:

  • Secure infrastructure

  • Encrypted channels

  • Least-privilege user access

Review our Secure Development on Pantheon guide for a collection of resources and additional methods you can use to secure your sites and code depending on your needs.

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