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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2020

Generate a HAR

Learn how to generate a HAR file in the browser.

In this section, we explain what an HTTP Archive (HAR) format file is and how to generate a HAR file in the affected browser.

HAR (HTTP Archive format)

A HAR file is a JSON file that you generate to track all logs of a web browser's interaction with a website. It is used to troubleshoot performance and page rendering issues such as slow page loads, timeouts, incorrect page formats, and missing information.

It is recommended that you generate multiple HAR files, for comparison. For example, you can generate a HAR file for a page that is performing normally, as well as for the page that is having issues.

How do I generate a HAR file?

  1. In the View menu, go to Developer and open Developer Tools.

  2. Select the Network tab.

  3. Locate the Record 🔴 button; it should be red. If the Record 🔴 button is gray, click to begin recording.

  4. Check the Preserve log box to enable.

  5. Click the Clear 🚫 symbol to clear all current network requests.

  6. Navigate to the search bar and enter the URL of the page that is having issues. Reproduce the steps that led to the issue.

  7. Once you have reproduced the issue, click on the Export HAR symbol and save the file.