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Terminus Plugins


January 1, 2017

The open plugin architecture of Terminus allows developers to extend it’s functionality and create new commands. For a list of supported plugins, take a look at our new Plugin Directory in the docs.

Mass Updates

The Mass Update plugin applies all available upstream updates to a list of sites. This allows users who manage a lot of sites to easily stay on top of Drupal and WordPress core updates.

Build Tools

This Terminus plugin contains a collection of six additional commands useful during the build step on a Pantheon site that uses a GitHub PR workflow.


Terminus Filer is named as such because it’s an easy way to launch your SFTP client with all the connection details “filled” in.


The Terminus Rsync Plugin makes it easy to copy files between your local computer and Pantheon. Once installed, you can use rsync as you normally would to transfer files, wrapped in Terminus commands.