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Plugin Directory

A non-exclusive directory of plugins to extend Terminus features.

You can extend Terminus functionality and add commands by installing third-party plugins or by creating your own plugins.

The list below provides a small sample of popular plugins available for Terminus:


Pantheon Official

Author: Tom Stovall

Manage Autopilot functions from the command line with the Terminus Autopilot plugin.

Build Tools

Pantheon Official

Author: Greg Anderson

Create a GitHub PR Workflow to test Pantheon sites on CircleCI (or other CI services).


Pantheon Official

Author: Kyle Taylor

Fetch carbon impact and other sustainability data on your Pantheon sites.


Pantheon Official

Author: Brian Thompson

Run Composer commands on Pantheon sites.

Drupal Console

Pantheon Official

Author: Greg Anderson

Run Drupal Console commands on Pantheon sites.


Author: Sean Dietrich

Open SFTP Connections to your Pantheon Sites.

Front-End Sites

Pantheon Official

Author: Pantheon Decoupled Kit

Create your Front-End Sites project with the Terminus Decoupled Kit plugin. You must enroll in our Front-End Sites Early Access program before you can use Front-End Sites and this plugin.

Mass Update

Pantheon Official

Author: Ronan Dowling

Apply upstream updates to a list of sites.

New Relic

Pantheon Official

Author: Paul Jebulan de Paula

Fetch metric data from the New Relic API.


Author: Dave Wikoff

Open Pantheon Site Databases in your favorite SQL Client.


Pantheon Official

Author: Greg Anderson

Install Quicksilver webhooks from the Quicksilver examples, or a personal collection.


Pantheon Official

Author: Greg Anderson

Copy files to and from a Pantheon site.


Pantheon Official

Author: Greg Anderson

Manage the secrets.json file for use with Quicksilver.

Site Clone

Pantheon Official

Author: Andrew Taylor

Copy the code, database, and files from one Pantheon Site Dashboard to another.

Site Status

Author: Ed Reel

Display the status of all available Pantheon site environments.

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