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WP-CLI v2.9.0 release now available on Pantheon


January 24, 2024

We're thrilled to announce the availability of WP-CLI v2.9.0 on the Pantheon platform.

WP-CLI is easily accessible for any WordPress site on Pantheon through our CLI, Terminus. Manage your WordPress installations efficiently with the power of WP-CLI at your fingertips.


  • Enhanced PHP 8.2 support: This release is dedicated to refining support for PHP 8.2, the recommended version on Pantheon.
  • Optimized compatibility with WordPress 6.4: We've worked to guarantee seamless compatibility, providing you with the best performance and features available.
  • Introducing "wp config is-true" command: Our Pantheon engineers have introduced the new "wp config is-true" command. Specifically designed for shell scripting, this command improves WP-CLI functionality and is already integrated into some of our automation processes.
  • Bug fixes: Although primarily a compact release, WP-CLI v2.9.0 brings a significant impact with crucial bug fixes to enhance usability.

For those who love diving into the details, we encourage you to explore the detailed WP-CLI changelog.