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Last Reviewed: February 05, 2020


Learn about Terminus, the command line interface for advanced interaction with the Pantheon platform.

Terminus is a command line interface that provides advanced interaction with Pantheon. Terminus enables you to do almost everything in a terminal that you can do in the Dashboard, as well as scripting and much more.

Terminus Features

Terminus is a powerful tool that allows you to:

  • Create a new site
  • Create and delete Multidev environments
  • Clone one environment to another
  • Check for and apply upstream updates
  • Deploy code from one environment to another
  • Run Drush and WP-CLI commands
  • Perform other operations

Contribute to Terminus


You must update your plugin to Terminus 3 if you are a plugin author. Plugins that are advertised to work with Terminus 2 will also work with Terminus 3 unless there is a dependency conflict. Refer to what's new in Terminus 3.x to learn more.

Terminus is open source. You can view the project on GitHub to contribute, file issues, and submit feature requests.


Community submitted bugs and feature requests can be found in the Terminus GitHub issues queue. You can create an issue on Terminus's GitHub page if you don't see your bug or feedback listed.

Contact Support if you have questions or need help with Terminus.

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