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Learn more about using PHP on Pantheon.

PHP is a scripting language that facilitates server-side web development. The PHP code in your Pantheon account is executed at runtime whenever a request is received from the web server the same way it is on other platforms.

Supported PHP Versions

Pantheon supports the following PHP versions:

Click the links below to display complete PHP information for each version, including details of supported PHP extensions.

8.3 1
7.1 2
7.0 2
5.6 2

Sites that run older PHP versions not listed above will continue to serve pages. While older sites will still run unlisted and unsupported versions of PHP, new sites cannot change their PHP version to unsupported values. You can upgrade your PHP version in the development environment to resume development on your site.

1 Currently, PHP 8.3 on Pantheon does not support New Relic. As such, you will not be able to view your New Relic dashboard on any site that has been updated to PHP 8.3. We will be updating our platform to support New Relic on PHP 8.3 sites soon.

2 On May 15, 2024, PHP 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 will reach "End of Sale" and be removed from the supported PHP versions. New sites will not support PHP versions older than 7.2. For more details, see this release note.

Drush Compatibility

Refer to Managing Drush Versions on Pantheon for detailed compatibility information.

Terminus Compatibility

Refer to Version Updates for detailed compatibility information.

More Resources