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September 1, 2022

Advanced Global CDN - AGCDN is now in General Availability and allows for advanced site management, enhanced security, and custom WAF. You can review the AGCDN case study for a real-life example of an AGCDN implementation.

Create a Composer-managed WordPress Site with Bedrock - WordPress does not natively support Composer, however, Bedrock is a WordPress-specific framework for using Composer on WordPress sites. You can create a site based on the Pantheon-maintained WordPress Composer Managed upstream. Bedrock installs WordPress as a required package so updates can be managed by Composer. The WordPress Composer Managed upstream is available for Early Access participants. Learn more about Bedrock and Composer-managed WordPress sites.

Environment Configuration - Learn about environment configurations on Pantheon in our new accessible guide. Each site on Pantheon comes with three environments: Dev, Test, and Live. This allows you to develop and test features without impacting your Live site. Additional development environments are available with Multidev. Refer to the Pantheon WebOps Workflow documentation for more details.