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AGCDN enables Edge configuration tools for advanced site management, enhanced security, and much more.

Advanced Global CDN is a Managed Service that takes Pantheon's content delivery network (CDN) offering a step forward. AGCDN is designed for customers that require unique optimizations for digital delivery at scale.

Each AGCDN service configuration is offered as an annual contract subscription. Customers can add multiple sites to their AGCDN configuration, or conditionally apply specific rules.

AGCDN provides teams with a way to:

  • Block Malicious traffic

  • Create Geofencing / IP restrictions

  • Rate limits with a website firewall (only with AGCDN with WAF / IO)

  • Define valid user agent strings and query string sorting and filtering

  • Extend enterprise-grade security


At the moment, AGCDN only works with custom domains. domains are not covered.

What Does AGCDN Include?


AGCDN provides many features:

OSI Layer 3 and 4 DDoS Protection & Mitigation
SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance
IP Allowlisting and Blocklisting
Token Authentication with JSON Web Token
Custom Error and Maintenance Page Rules
Geolocation-based Actions
Device Detection and Edge Control
Complete CDN Edge Logs
Modify and Filter Headers at the Edge
Edge Redirects
Domain Masking and Reverse Proxy
Enterprise Blue and Green Deployment Support
Custom Rules and Redirects
Tor Traffic Blocking

AGCDN with WAF/IO Features

AGCDN with WAF/IO includes everything in the table above with the following additions:

FeatureAGCDN with WAF and IO
Layer 7 and Enterprise WAF rules
Efficient Image Optimization at the Edge
Rate Limiting
Advanced Bot Detection and Mitigation

Is AGCDN Right For Me?

AGCDN is a great option for many users. AGCDN is for you if you're looking for advanced site management, enhanced security, and custom WAF. You can review the AGCDN case study for a real-life example of an AGCDN implementation.


Contact the Professional Services team to determine the best configuration for you.

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