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Last Reviewed: March 02, 2022

Pantheon Open Source Software Support Levels

Learn about Pantheon support levels for open source software

At Pantheon, we appreciate open source contributions. In an effort to effectively maintain our public repositories in GitHub, we tag each Pantheon repository with a support level badge. The badge is typically displayed in the repository's

This page describes each support level and the support expectations for our public repositories.

Actively Maintained Support

A project with actively maintained support has been publicly launched and support is available. Pantheon has dedicated resources to ensuring the source code for the project is current and reliable. Additionally, you can create issues and pull requests in the repository as needed, and the project maintainer will respond in a timely manner.

Limited Availability

A Limited Availability project allows Pantheon to closely monitor feature developments and make any necessary adjustments before releasing a product for General Availability. A project in Limited Availabilty includes features that are complete and can be used in all environments including production. Customers can opt-in to use the product, and are highly encouraged to report any bugs so that we can release an improved product for General Availability. Pantheon support is available, but can vary depending on the project specifications.

Early Access

A product in Early Access denotes a new project or feature set that is in development and available for a limited audience. Some features are stable, but the product is only partially complete and development is still in progress. The source code is publicly available, but you will need an invitation to participate in the Early Access program and learn about any platform component changes. Support is provided and only available to customers officially enrolled in the Early Access program. For more information on support for Early Access projects, refer to our documentation. Please review Pantheon's Software Evaluation Licensing Terms for more information about access to our software.

Minimal Support

A project with minimal support receives only important bug or security updates. The repository is supported with major fixes. If there is an issue with the source code, we will make an effort to address it in a timely manner.

Unofficial Support

A project that has unofficial support is often a Pantheon employee initiative. It typically does not have resources allocated for maintenance. Support is not guaranteed for the project because it depends on the availability of the project maintainer.


An unsupported repository is typically a project created only for internal use at Pantheon. Although the source code is accessible, support is not available and there are risks associated with using the repository's code.


A deprecated repository is a project that has been retired or replaced, and is no longer supported by Pantheon. Details about the repository can be found in the Additional information, such as suitable alternative projects or guidance on finding solutions, might be available in the Community Slack. Using a project that has been deprecated is not encouraged.

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