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Dashboard Credentials deprecated as an authentication method for site connections starting April 30, 2024

April 17, 2024

Pantheon is updating our platform access control, requiring the use of SSH keys starting April 30, 2024. Connecting to and interacting with remote Pantheon environments via your Pantheon dashboard credentials will be disabled.

You'll still login to the Pantheon dashboard in the browser with your username/password or Single Sign-On, but connecting to and interacting with a given Pantheon site environment will require an SSH key.

This applies when connecting to Pantheon containers from the terminal (Git, SFTP, rsync, Drush, WP-CLI) as well as local applications like SFTP clients (Filezilla and Cyberduck).

We are making this change to maintain a secure and reliable platform. Learn how to configure your SFTP client with SSH keys in our documentation.