Troubleshoot Autopilot Error Messages

Diagnose and remedy some common Autopilot errors.

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This page helps troubleshoot common issues that you may encounter when using Autopilot.

Re-run Autopilot

If you have already attempted to troubleshoot an error, or if you want to confirm that the error is consistent, try running Autopilot on the site again:

  1. Review and acknowledge any errors to allow Autopilot to queue updates.

    If there are errors that require attention, in the Needs Review section of the Autopilot screen, click Review Test Results next to the site you want to review, and Approve or Discard a test, or Accept All Changes before you run Autopilot again.

  2. Click Sites, click Actions, and then click Manage Autopilot Settings.

  3. Navigate to the Autopilot Configuration screen and click Refresh Updates to force Autopilot to check for new components (like plugins, modules, or themes).

  4. Click Status in Autopilot's side bar and then click Queue Updates under Available Updates to run Autopilot manually.

Re-run Autopilot If Tests Have Already Passed

You must manually start an update, or Autopilot will automatically schedule one in accordance with your site's update cadence. To start an update manually:

Click Actions in the site's row on the Autopilot screen and then click Start Applying Updates.

Re-run Autopilot If Tests Were Approved After Dev Changes

If a test that was waiting was approved after changing the Dev environment, Autopilot will periodically check to see if Dev has changed since Autopilot last ran.

Autopilot is blocked

Autopilot Ran Into an Unexpected Error

Drush Version

Extension Updates are Missing

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Failed Extension Updates

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VRT Scenarios

Failed Deployment

Unreachable Site

Autopilot Multidev

Merge to Dev

Cloned Content

Uncommitted Changes

CMS Missing

Frozen Site

Framework is Not Supported

CLI Tool Failed

Quicksilver is Unavailable

Database Could Not Be Updated

Upstreams Could Not Be Merged

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