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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022

Integrated Composer Support

Learn about support for Integrated Composer.

This section provides information on support for Integrated Composer.

Pantheon Supports Composer 2

The version of Composer on the platform is Composer 2.

Some packages are not compatible with Composer 2. If you encounter a build error that instructs you to contact Support, validate the package version's compatibility locally first, and check Drupal's Preparing your site for Composer 2 documentation for packages that have already been identified.

Pantheon's Scope of Support for Composer

Pantheon supports the version of Composer integrated into the Pantheon platform and available for use with all Drupal 8+ and WordPress sites. Pantheon’s support for Composer is limited to the application level, and any Composer scripts or modifications made with a Composer script are outside the Pantheon Scope of Support.

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