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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022


Learn how to use Integrated Composer.

Integrated Composer is a Pantheon platform feature that extends Composer

functionality to WordPress and Drupal's core files, and treats them as a managed dependency. Integrated Composer enables one-click updates from the Dashboard for upstream updates and Composer dependencies on your Composer-managed Pantheon site.

Get Started With Integrated Composer

Drupal with Integrated Composer

  • Follow the Drupal on Pantheon doc to create a new Drupal site with Integrated Composer built in.

  • To upgrade or migrate an existing site to Drupal with Integrated Composer, visit the Migrate to Drupal guide.

  • To convert an existing Drupal site to a Composer-managed site with Integrated Composer, visit the Composer Convert doc.


drupal-composer-managed is the recommended Composer-based Drupal upstream. The Composer-based Drupal upstreams below have been deprecated.

  • drupal-project
  • drupal-recommended

You can use the Terminus Conversion Tools Plugin if you want to convert your site from one of the deprecated upstreams to the supported drupal-composer-managed upstream.

WordPress with Integrated Composer


Pantheon has a WordPress (Composer Managed) upstream. You can use this upstream to create an Integrated Composer WordPress site with Bedrock. This upstream is currently in EA.

  1. Fork the Pantheon-maintained repository from

  2. Add a new Custom Upstream on the Pantheon Dashboard.

  3. Create a new WordPress site from the Upstream. Do not customize the upstream as yet.

  4. Navigate to the Dev environment, then click Visit Development Site and follow the prompts to complete the CMS installation.

  5. Clone the site locally and run composer install.

Build and Deploy Terminology

Build and deploy are terms you'll encounter frequently. Your application goes through a build and deploy process every time you push a change to your repository through Git or activate an environment.

The build process runs before deploy and scans configuration files in your repository and assembles the necessary containers. The build then prepares your application, including:

  • Compiling
  • Linking
  • Uploading artifacts

The deploy process uses the build containers to create an updated version of the live application.

More Resources