Instructions for migrating your site using our guided migration process.

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Welcome to Pantheon! We want to make it easy for you to move a site from another hosting provider to Pantheon. Simply use the following instructions and you'll be good to go!


If you are moving a Drupal site and want to upgrade to the latest version of Drupal, use one of the following guides instead:

There are a few methods for migrating your site to Pantheon:

Guided Migration

This method uses the Migrate Existing Site button on the User Dashboard, and is the method described in this guide.

Migrate Manually

Use this process when any of the following apply:

General Scenarios

  • You want to debug a failed migration.

    • It can be helpful to migrate your code, database, and files separately to help debug edge-cases that are not supported through guided migration.
  • The site or site archive is greater than 500MB.

Drupal-Specific Scenarios

  • The site uses Drush 9 or later (drush ard is only available on Drush 8 and earlier).

  • The site is managed with Composer.

WordPress-Specific Scenarios

  • You are using WordPress Multisite.

  • Plugin install is unavailable.

  • You are migrating a site that is only on your local machine and not yet live.

For instructions on this method, see Manually Migrate Sites to Pantheon.

Professional Services

If you'd prefer to have our Professional Services team do it for you, learn more about our Website Migration Service and how we can help you migrate one or hundreds of sites to Pantheon.