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Terminus 3

Learn what's new with the latest Terminus major version upgrade.

This section provides information about Terminus 3.0. Terminus 3.0 is the most recent major version of Terminus and is recommended in place of Terminus 2.0.


We suggest you read from the beginning of the Terminus Guide if you're not already familiar with Terminus. This section is specifically geared at existing Terminus users who need to update existing implementations.

These commands or their output have changed in a significant way that may affect your existing scripting of Terminus.

Deprecated Commands

No commands were deprecated in the Terminus 3.0 release.

New Commands

The following commands are new to Terminus as of version 3.0:

  • self:plugin:install: Install Terminus plugins.
  • self:plugin:list: List installed Terminus plugins.
  • self:plugin:search Find Terminus plugins on Packagist.
  • self:plugin:uninstall Uninstall Terminus plugins.
  • self:plugin:update Update already-installed Terminus plugins.

Additional Changes

  • Support for EOL versions of PHP have been removed from Terminus 3. PHP 7.4 or later is required.

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