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Drush Known Limitations with Pantheon

Review known Drush limitations.

This section provides an overview of known Drush limitations on Pantheon.


Currently, there is no way to manage Crontab on Pantheon. You can use an external cron service such as Easy Cron if you need a way to set up your own Cron interval.

Unsupported Commands

The following Drush commands are not supported and will not work on Pantheon sites:

  • sql-sync-pipe. Use sql-sync instead.

  • sql-cli (sqlc) and sql-query (sqlq). Refer to Drush SQL Queries

  • sql-sync cannot currently be executed on the Live environment with more than 1 application container due to Pantheon's highly available architecture. We recommend you use Terminus or sql-sync on a Multidev, Dev or Test environment which only has 1 application container.

  • ['uri'] may cause Drush to fail if the array key has a different domain than what is expected by Drupal, resulting in the following error:

    drush  st
    Drush command terminated abnormally due to an unrecoverable error.       [error]

    Conditionally set $uri based on the environment in drushrc.php to resolve this error, such as:

      if (isset($_ENV['PANTHEON_ENVIRONMENT']) &&
        ($_ENV['PANTHEON_ENVIRONMENT'] === 'live')) {
          $uri = '';
      $options['uri'] = $uri;

    The most reliable locations to put drushrc.php files are:


Cancelling Confirmation Prompts with Ctrl + c is not Supported

Attempting to cancel a Drush confirmation prompt using ctrl+c will send the default response to the server. This happens because SSH requires a PTY to correctly handle signals like SIGINT (ctrl+c), which is not supported on Pantheon.

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