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Last Reviewed: June 10, 2024

Command Directory

Review a complete list of Terminus commands.

This section provides a comprehensive list of Terminus commands.


If you would like additional information for a specific Terminus command (for example, available --format options) run the command with the --help flag in your terminal.

Command Structure

Basic Format

The basic format of a Terminus command is:

terminus command:subcommand <site>.<env>

Read below for a complete list of Terminus commands, or use the search box to look up a specific command.

aliasesGenerates Pantheon Drush aliases for sites on which the currently logged-in user is on the team. Note that Drush 9 does not read alias files from global locations. You must set valid alias locations in your drush.yml file. Refer to for more information.aliases --print --location LOCATION --all --only ONLY --type TYPE --base BASE --db-url DB-URL --target TARGET --no-db-url
artDisplays Pantheon ASCII <name>
completionDump the shell completion scriptcompletion --debug -- <shell>
helpDisplay help for a commandhelp --format FORMAT --raw -- <command_name>
listList commandslist --raw --format FORMAT --short -- <namespace>
art:listLists available Pantheon ASCII --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
auth:loginLogs in a user to Pantheon.auth:login --machine-token MACHINE-TOKEN --email EMAIL
auth:logoutLogs out the currently logged-in user and deletes any saved machine tokens.auth:logout
auth:whoamiDisplays information about the currently logged-in user.auth:whoami --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
backup:automatic:disableDisables automatic backups.backup:automatic:disable <site>.<env>
backup:automatic:enableEnables automatic daily backups that are retained for one week and weekly backups retained for one month.backup:automatic:enable --day DAY --keep-for KEEP-FOR -- <site>.<env>
backup:automatic:infoDisplays the hour when daily backups are created and the day of the week when weekly backups are created.backup:automatic:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
backup:createCreates a backup of a specific site and environment.backup:create --element ELEMENT --keep-for KEEP-FOR -- <site>.<env>
backup:getDisplays the download URL for a specific backup or latest backup.backup:get --file FILE --element ELEMENT --to TO -- <site>.<env>
backup:infoDisplays information about a specific backup or the latest backup.backup:info --file FILE --element ELEMENT --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
backup:listLists backups for a specific site and environment.backup:list --element ELEMENT --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
backup:restoreRestores a specific backup or the latest backup.backup:restore --file FILE --element ELEMENT -- <site>.<env>
branch:listDisplays list of git branches for a site.branch:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
connection:infoDisplays connection information for Git, SFTP, MySQL, and Redis.connection:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
connection:setSets Git or SFTP connection mode on a development environment (excludes Test and Live).connection:set <site>.<env> <mode>
dashboard:viewDisplays the URL for the Pantheon Dashboard or opens the Dashboard in a browser.dashboard:view --print -- <site>.<env>
domain:addAssociates a domain with the environment.domain:add <site>.<env> <domain>
domain:dnsDisplays recommended DNS settings for the environment.domain:dns --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
domain:listDisplays domains associated with the environment.domain:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
domain:lookupDisplays site and environment with which a given domain is associated. Note: Only sites for which the user is authorized will appear.domain:lookup --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <domain>
domain:primary:addSets a domain associated to the environment as primary, causing all traffic to redirect to it.domain:primary:add <site>.<env> <domain>
domain:primary:removeRemoves the primary designation from the primary domain in the site and environment.domain:primary:remove <site>.<env>
domain:removeDisassociates a domain from the environment.domain:remove <site>.<env> <domain>
env:clear-cacheClears caches for the environment.env:clear-cache <site>.<env>
env:clone-contentClones database/files from one environment to another environment. WordPress sites will search the database for the default domain and replace it with the target environment's domain unless you specify a different search/replace string with --from-url and --to-url.env:clone-content --cc --db-only --files-only --updatedb --from-url FROM-URL --to-url TO-URL -- <site>.<env> <target_env>
env:code-logDisplays the code log for the environment.env:code-log --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
env:code-rebuildMoves code to the specified environment's runtime from the associated git branch, retriggering Composer builds for sites using Integrated Composer. (Not applicable for Test and Live environments which run on git tags made from the Dev environment's git history.)env:code-rebuild <site>.<env>
env:commitCommits code changes on a development environment. Note: The environment connection mode must be set to SFTP.env:commit --message MESSAGE --force -- <site>.<env>
env:deployDeploys code to the Test or Live environment. Notes: - Deploying the Test environment will deploy code from the Dev environment. - Deploying the Live environment will deploy code from the Test environment.env:deploy --sync-content --note NOTE --cc --updatedb -- <site>.<env>
env:diffstatDisplays the diff of uncommitted code changes on a development environment.env:diffstat --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
env:infoDisplays environment status and configuration.env:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
env:listDisplays a list of the site environments.env:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
env:metricsDisplays the pages served and unique visit metrics for the specified site environment. The most recent data up to the current day is returned.env:metrics --period PERIOD --datapoints DATAPOINTS --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
env:rotate-random-seedRotate random seed for the environment.env:rotate-random-seed <site>.<env>
env:viewDisplays the URL for the environment or opens the environment in a browser.env:view --print -- <site>.<env>
env:wakeWakes the environment by pinging it. Note: Development environments and Sandbox sites will automatically sleep after a period of inactivity.env:wake --retry RETRY --delay DELAY -- <site>.<env>
env:wipeDeletes all files and database content in the environment.env:wipe <site>.<env>
https:infoProvides information for HTTPS on being used for the environment.https:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
https:removeDisables HTTPS and removes the SSL certificate from the environment.https:remove <site>.<env>
https:setEnables HTTPS and/or updates the SSL certificate for the environment.https:set --intermediate-certificate INTERMEDIATE-CERTIFICATE -- <site>.<env> <certificate> <private_key>
import:completeFinalizes the Pantheon import process.import:complete <site_name>
import:databaseImports a database archive to the environment. This command drops the existing database and imports the target into a new database. Use with caution to avoid accidental database deletion.import:database <site>.<env> <url>
import:filesImports a file archive to the environment.import:files <site>.<env> <url>
import:siteImports a site archive (code, database, and files) to the site.import:site <site_name> <url>
local:cloneCLone a copy of the site code into $HOME/pantheon-local-copieslocal:clone --site_dir SITE_DIR --override OVERRIDE -- <site_id>
local:commitAndPushCommit local changes to remote repository.local:commitAndPush <site>
local:dockerizeCreate new backup of your live site db and download to $HOME/pantheon-local-copies/{Site}/dblocal:dockerize --overwrite -- <site>
local:getLiveDBCreate new backup of your live site db and download to $HOME/pantheon-local-copies/dblocal:getLiveDB --overwrite -- <site>
local:getLiveFilesCreate new backup of your live site FILES folder and download to $HOME/pantheon-local-copies/fileslocal:getLiveFiles --overwrite -- <site>
lock:disableDisables HTTP basic authentication on the environment.lock:disable <site>.<env>
lock:enableEnables HTTP basic authentication on the environment. Note: HTTP basic authentication username and password are stored in plaintext.lock:enable <site>.<env> <username> <password>
lock:infoDisplays HTTP basic authentication status and configuration for the environment.lock:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
machine-token:deleteDeletes a currently logged-in user machine token.machine-token:delete <machine_token_id>
machine-token:delete-allDelete all stored machine tokens and log out.machine-token:delete-all
machine-token:listLists the currently logged-in user machine tokens.machine-token:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
multidev:createCreates a multidev environment. If there is an existing Git branch with the multidev name, then it will be used when the new environment is created.multidev:create --no-db --no-files -- <site>.<env> <multidev>
multidev:deleteDeletes a Multidev environment.multidev:delete --delete-branch -- <site>.<env>
multidev:listLists a site Multidev environments.multidev:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_name>
multidev:merge-from-devMerges code commits from the Dev environment into a Multidev environment.multidev:merge-from-dev --updatedb -- <site>.<env>
multidev:merge-to-devMerges code commits from a Multidev environment into the Dev environment.multidev:merge-to-dev --updatedb -- <site>.<env>
new-relic:disableDisables New Relic for a <site_id>
new-relic:enableEnables New Relic for a <site_id>
new-relic:infoDisplays New Relic --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
org:infoDisplays information about an --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <organization>
org:listDisplays the list of --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
org:people:addAdds a user to an <organization> <email> <role>
org:people:listDisplays the list of users associated with an --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <organization>
org:people:removeRemoves a user from an <organization> <member>
org:people:roleChanges a user role within an <organization> <member> <role>
org:site:listDisplays the list of sites associated with an --plan PLAN --tag TAG --tags TAGS --upstream UPSTREAM --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <organization>
org:site:removeRemoves a site from an <organization> <site>
org:upstream:listDisplays the list of upstreams belonging to an --all --framework FRAMEWORK --name NAME --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <organization>
owner:setChange the owner of a siteowner:set <site_name> <owner>
payment-method:addAssociates an existing payment method with a site.payment-method:add <site_name> <payment_method>
payment-method:listDisplays the list of payment methods for the currently logged-in user.payment-method:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
payment-method:removeDisassociates the active payment method from a site.payment-method:remove <site_name>
plan:infoDisplays information about a site plan.plan:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>
plan:listDisplays the list of available site plans.plan:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
plan:setChanges a site plan.plan:set <site_id> <plan_sku>
redis:disableDisables Redis add-on for a site.redis:disable <site_id>
redis:enableEnables Redis add-on for a site.redis:enable <site_id>
remote:drushRuns a Drush command remotely on a site environment.remote:drush --progress --retry RETRY -- <site>.<env> <command>...
remote:wpRuns a WP-CLI command remotely on a site environment.remote:wp --progress --retry RETRY -- <site>.<env> <command>...
self:clear-cacheClears the local Terminus command cache.self:clear-cache
self:config:dumpDisplays the local Terminus configuration.self:config:dump --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
self:consoleOpens an interactive PHP console within Terminus. Note: This functionality is useful for debugging Terminus or prototyping Terminus plugins.self:console <site>.<env>
self:infoDisplays the local PHP and Terminus environment configuration.self:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
self:plugin:createCreate a new terminus plugin.self:plugin:create --project-name PROJECT-NAME -- <path>
self:plugin:installInstall one or more Terminus plugins.self:plugin:install <projects>...
self:plugin:listList all installed Terminus plugins.self:plugin:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
self:plugin:migrateMigrate Terminus 2 plugins.self:plugin:migrate
self:plugin:reloadReload Terminus plugins.self:plugin:reload
self:plugin:searchSearch for available Terminus plugins.self:plugin:search --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <keyword>
self:plugin:uninstallRemove one or more Terminus plugins.self:plugin:uninstall <projects>...
self:plugin:updateUpdate one or more Terminus plugins.self:plugin:update <projects>...
self:updateUpdates Terminus to the latest version.self:update --stable --preview --compatible -- <version_constraint>
service-level:setUpgrades or downgrades a site service level.service-level:set <site_id> <level>
site:createCreates a new --org ORG --region REGION -- <site_name> <label> <upstream_id>
site:deleteDeletes a site from <site_id>
site:infoDisplays a site --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>
site:listDisplays the list of sites accessible to the currently logged-in --name NAME --org ORG --owner OWNER --plan PLAN --team --upstream UPSTREAM --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
site:lookupDisplays the UUID of a site given its --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_name>
site:org:addAssociates a supporting organization with a <site> <organization>
site:org:listDisplays the list of supporting organizations associated with a --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
site:org:removeDisassociates a supporting organization from a <site> <organization>
site:team:addAdds a user to a site team. Note: An invite will be sent if the email is not associated with a Pantheon <site_id> <member> <role>
site:team:listDisplays the list of team members for a --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
site:team:removeRemoves a user from a site <site_id> <member>
site:team:roleUpdates a user role on a site <site_id> <member> <role>
site:upstream:clear-cacheClears caches for the site <site>
site:upstream:setChanges a site <site_name> <upstream_id>
solr:disableDisables Solr add-on for a site.solr:disable <site_id>
solr:enableEnables Solr add-on for a site.solr:enable <site_id>
ssh-key:addAssociates a SSH public key with the currently logged-in user.ssh-key:add <file>
ssh-key:listDisplays the list of SSH public keys associated with the currently logged-in user.ssh-key:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
ssh-key:removeDisassociates a SSH public key from the currently logged-in user.ssh-key:remove <ssh_key_id>
tag:addAdds a tag on a site within an organization.tag:add <site_name> <organization> <tag>
tag:listDisplays the list of tags for a site within an organization.tag:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_name> <organization>
tag:removeRemoves a tag from a site within an organization.tag:remove <site_name> <organization> <tag>
upstream:infoDisplays information about an upstream.upstream:info --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <upstream>
upstream:listDisplays the list of upstreams accessible to the currently logged-in user.upstream:list --all --framework FRAMEWORK --name NAME --org ORG --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD
upstream:updates:applyApplies upstream updates to a site development environment.upstream:updates:apply --updatedb --accept-upstream -- <site>.<env>
upstream:updates:listDisplays a cached list of new code commits available from the upstream for a site development environment. Note: To refresh the cache you will need to run site:upstream:clear-cache before running this command.upstream:updates:list --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site>.<env>
upstream:updates:statusDisplays a whether there are updates available from the upstream for a site environment.upstream:updates:status <site>.<env>
workflow:info:logsDisplays the details of Quicksilver operation logs.workflow:info:logs --id ID -- <site_id>
workflow:info:operationsDisplays Quicksilver operation details of a workflow.workflow:info:operations --id ID --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
workflow:info:statusDisplays the status of a workflow.workflow:info:status --id ID --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
workflow:listDisplays the list of the workflows for a site.workflow:list --all --format FORMAT --fields FIELDS --field FIELD -- <site_id>
workflow:waitWait for a workflow to complete. Usually this will be used to wait for code commits, since Terminus will already wait for workflows that it starts through the API.workflow:wait --start START --commit COMMIT --max MAX -- <site_env_id> <description>
workflow:watchStreams new and finished workflows from a site to the console.workflow:watch --checks CHECKS -- <site_id>