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Learn how to automate and integrate your WebOps workflow with Quicksilver.

Quicksilver hooks into platform workflows to automate your Pantheon WebOps workflow. This allows the platform to run selected scripts automatically every hour, or when a team member triggers the corresponding workflow. There is a growing set of example scripts available for review and contributions. Several scripts enable additional functionality, including:

  • Chat-ops
  • Database sanitization
  • Deployment logging
  • Automated testing operations with a CI server

WebOps Workflow and Stage

You can specify the workflows you want to hook into, for example, deploy or sync_code. You can also specify the workflow stage (before or after) and the location of the script relative to the root of your site's docroot.

The adapted slack_notification example below provides steps to post to Slack every time you deploy.

  1. Commit a pantheon.yml file with the following content:

    api_version: 1
          - type: webphp
            description: Post deployment notification to Slack
            script: private/scripts/slack_deploy_notification.php
  2. Add the code below if you want the script to automatically log the deployment to New Relic:

          - type: webphp
            description: Log to New Relic
            script: private/scripts/new_relic_deploy.php

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