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Last Reviewed: September 19, 2022

Billing Periods

Learn about the billing periods available, and how to manage a subscription.

Pantheon offers both Monthly and Annual Billing. Moving to Annual Billing can result in significant savings. Performance plans receive savings equivalent to at least one month of free service. On a basic plan, the savings are equivalent to two months of free service. Refer to Pricing for information on costs and savings.

Before changing your billing period from monthly to annual, or vice-versa, consider the following:

  • Sites on monthly plans switching to annual billing (without changing plan size) are invoiced immediately.
  • Sites on annual billing plans that upgrade will be invoiced immediately, and the site will be upgraded immediately.
  • Annual billing plans will auto-renew at the end of their annual subscription term unless terminated in advance.
  • Annual billing plans switched to monthly billing will be effective after the end of your current annual subscription term.
  • A site grandfathered into Preferred Pricing that is not owned by a qualified partner organization will move to list pricing when the billing plan changes. To regain Preferred Pricing, the Agency should follow the steps to Add a Client Site.

To change your billing cadence:

  1. Go to the Site Dashboard for the site, then click on the name of your site plan (to the right of the site's name).

  2. Select your current plan if you're keeping the same plan size and only switching to annual billing.

  3. Switch the slider to your desired cadence.

  4. Enter or confirm your billing information, then click Continue.

  5. Confirm the purchase, then click Place your order. You'll be returned to the dashboard with a confirmation of your site plan change.