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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022

Edit an Existing Custom Upstream

Learn how to edit your Custom Upstream settings.

This section provides information on editing an existing Custom Upstream.

Change Custom Upstream Name or Description

Follow the steps below if you want to change the name or description of your Custom Upstream.

  1. Navigate to the Organizations tab within the Pantheon Dashboard and select your organization.

  2. Select the Upstreams tab.

  3. Click Settings next to the existing upstream requiring an update.

  4. Make desired changes > click Update.

Change Custom Upstream Repository URL or Password

You cannot modify the repository details on an existing Custom Upstream. we recommend creating a new Custom Upstream if there is a new URL or password you need to use. You will need to switch each site to the new upstream individually with Terminus:

terminus site:upstream:set my-site "My New Custom Upstream"

You must merge changes as a one-click update after a site's upstream is changed. Review Example Usage for more details.

You can safely delete the old Custom Upstream after all sites have been updated to track the new Custom Upstream. Review Delete a Custom Upstream for more information.

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