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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2022

Switch Your Custom Upstream

Learn how to switch your Custom Upstream.

This section provides steps to switch an existing site's Custom Upstream to a different Custom Upstream.


Switching the upstream of an existing site is risky. It is safer to create a new site from your Custom Upstream and migrate the contents. Back up your site first and consider our documentation on upstream merge conflicts if you must switch upstreams.

Switch Your Custom Upstream

Review the Terminus Switch Upstream example before following the steps below to switch your Custom Upstream.

  1. Run the command below to locate your Custom Upstream's machine name, replacing $org with your organization name.

    terminus org:upstream:list $org
  2. Run the command below to change the upstream, setting or replacing the variables $site and $upstream_id with your site name and upstream machine name, respectively.

    terminus site:upstream:set $site $upstream_id

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