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Last Reviewed: September 19, 2022

Where Is...?

Learn where to find Pantheon products and features.

Pantheon offers an abundance of products and features to help you manage your sites. Some of our tools can only be used in a Workspace, some only in sites, and some can be used in both.

Use this table to determine where you can find each feature.

FeaturePersonal WorkspaceProfessional WorkspaceSite Dashboard
BillingNoYes - for all sites in this WorkspaceYes - for this site only
Create SiteYes - but can only be worked on by the account owner.Yes, and can be worked on by any members of the Workspace Team.No
Develop SiteNoNoYes
MultidevNoAvailable to all sites in this workspace, but not accessible hereYes
Team ManagementNoYes - all team members will have access to all sites in the Workspace, or to sites to which the Workspace is associated as a Supporting Workspace.Yes - to this site only