Learn how to use your account workspace.

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After you create an account and sign in, you are taken to your home page, known as your Personal Workspace. Here you can view key information at a glance, including the sites you own or are a team member of, your plan tier, and more.

A screenshot of the new Dashboard homepage with Workspace Overview


You cannot edit or manage account tiers using the workspace. For more information, contact Sales.


The navigation bar on the left contains several additional tabs to help you manage your sites:

  • Sites: Add a new site, view sites you're a team member of, and check how many free sites you have remaining.

    • Create New Site: Start the process of creating a new site on Pantheon. New sites will appear under the Sites tab.

    • Migrate Existing Site: Start a guided migration to add a site. If you’re importing a site from your local environment, follow our manual migration process. For information about migrating a site from a competitor, or other migration scenarios, refer to Migrate Sites to Pantheon on our Get Started page.

  • Team*: Create a new workspace.

  • Autopilot: Autopilot is Visual Regression Testing (VRT) for every WordPress and Drupal Site within your workspace.

  • Support: View details of an open support request or create a new support request. Our chat-based support is available 24-hours a day.

  • Custom Upstreams*: Create a new workspace-specific Custom Upstream using a GitHub or Bitbucket repository. Custom Upstreams allow you to use an external repository as a template for your site.

  • Settings: Modify the workspace name, logo, billing information, and if your Organization is configured for it, billing terms and instructions for your team.

* Not available in Personal Workspaces.


The Platform logs users out after 24 hours of inactivity, and forces all users to log back into the Platform every 30 days. This includes all users authenticated via Terminus.