Learn how to update a Drupal site to the latest version of Drupal

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This guide will show you how to migrate a site that meets the following criteria to the latest version of Drupal:

Current Host

How Site Was Created

Additional Requirements
PantheonDashboardNeeds Build Tools Workflow

If this is not your scenario, see Drupal Migration Guides for additional upgrade paths.


This upgrade migrates your existing site to a new site. The new site will not maintain your site’s commit history.


Confirm that your site meets the following requirements before you continue:

  • Ensure your site has the Pantheon drupal-composer-managed repository in its upstream.

    • Use Terminus to confirm the drupal-composer-managed Upstream

      Run the command terminus site:info $SITE to display the site's basic information and properties.

      The following is an abridged example of the output for a site upstream set to drupal-composer-managed:

      terminus site:info $SITE
      ------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      ID                 abdc3ea1-fe0b-1234-9c9f-3cxeAA123f88
      Name               anita-drupal
      Label              AnitaDrupal
      Created            2019-12-02 18:28:14
      Framework          drupal8
      Upstream           897fdf15-992e-4fa1-beab-89e2b5027e03:
      ------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      The following values indicate that a site is using a drupal-composer-managed upstream:

      • The Framework is drupal8

      • The Upstream includes

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