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Last Reviewed: April 01, 2021

Onboarding Services

Pantheon Onboarding Services include Secure Integration, SSO, pre-launch load tests, and more to help you realize WebOps value, fast.

Pantheon Onboarding Managers are your website operations (WebOps) experts, to help facilitate a successful launch and ensure your team has the knowledge and tools to deliver value fast. Our Onboarding team is dedicated to making sure your team has the WebOps tools and training to work effectively on the Pantheon platform.

Contact us for details.

Pantheon Secure Integration

Provides a static outgoing IP address for use in IP allowlisting connections to external services. Learn more about Secure Integration or contact us for details.


Single Sign-on to the Pantheon Dashboard. Learn more about SSO for Organizations or contact us for details.

Custom SSL Certificates

If a Custom SSL Certificate is mission critical to your web property, you can bring your own custom certificate to the platform. Learn more about Custom Certificates or contact us for details.

Pre-launch Load Testing

Load tests provide critical insight into how a site will perform when released, including peak traffic spikes. Load tests ensure that your website launches smoothly and can sustain high traffic.

Using proprietary tools developed by the Pantheon Onboarding team, we generate traffic to your Live site, simulating complex user interactions if needed. This is the best way to expose and identify potential performance bottlenecks before you launch your site.

Newly purchased Elite plans include a pre-launch load test. Contact us for more information.

Additional Services

The following services are not fulfilled by the Onboarding Manager but are additional services that Pantheon provides to help you succeed on the Pantheon platform.

Customer Success Management

Pantheon Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work proactively with you, helping you build agile website operations, achieve business goals, adopt best practices, and stay ahead of the competition. A dedicated CSM is included with all Diamond Accounts and is available for Gold and Platinum Accounts. Your dedicated CSM meets with you regularly to provide site performance audits, review team usage of the platform, extend early access to new features, and ensure that you are getting the most value possible from the platform. Contact us for details.

Expert Training

Highly customized, one-on-one training from Pantheon's Developer Advocacy experts to help your development team apply custom workflows to active Pantheon projects. Tailored WebOps training for your entire team is also available.

We review your current projects and workflow to deliver trainings designed specifically to improve website operations for your team. These trainings can be delivered remotely, on-site, or online for multiple offices. Contact us for details.

Professional Services

Pantheon Professional Services (PS) works closely with partners to provide customized solutions for the most complex technical challenges and ensure your success on Pantheon. Pantheon Professional Services include consulting, migrations, load testing, Advanced Global CDN implementation, and Managed Updates services. See our Professional Services overview, or contact us for details.