Static Sites and Pages

Static sites and static page generation, including AMP.

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This pages provides information on static sites and static page generation, including AMP.

Decoupled and Headless sites

Decoupled and headless site strategies offer more flexibility for development teams to build high-performance sites that let editors work where they prefer.


Accelerated Mobile Pages, created by Google in 2015, are an HTML framework designed to create faster web pages and a better user experience (UX). Cutting out slower loading content, like those developed with JavaScript. At a high level, AMP works by fast loading stripped down versions of full web pages for mobile viewing.

AMP Templates

AMP Templates offer one way to get the benefits of static page delivery.

AMP with Drupal

Options for optimizing for AMP with Drupal sites includes AMP Module, which is designed to convert Drupal pages into pages that comply with the AMP standard.