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New Relic Labeling with Quicksilver

Automatically Label Code Changes in New Relic Performance Monitoring using Quicksilver Hooks.

New Relic® Performance Monitoring is a powerful tool for monitoring the performance of a WordPress or Drupal site. It provides insight into how efficiently a website is using resources, and where improvements can be made in the application. Pantheon offers New Relic® Pro within the Site Dashboard on all sites (excluding Basic) for free.

This integration becomes more useful when code changes (signified by deployments) are labeled in New Relic® to track performance changes over time. Such tracking can be done using Quicksilver hooks and Terminus. This creates a traceable connection between performance changes and code deployments, allowing developers to determine whether a code change positively or negatively impacted performance.

To add these labels automatically on code pushes or deployments, follow the steps outlined in the script documentation.

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The Quicksilver Examples repository provides many more ways to automate process. Take advantage of them and extend them to fit your workflow.

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