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Last Reviewed: April 01, 2021


Pantheon Professional Services include consulting, migrations, load testing, application performance and architecture, training, AGCDN, Managed Updates, and dedicated Customer Success Managers.

The Pantheon Professional Services (PS) team works closely with partners to provide customized solutions for the most complex technical challenges and ensure your success on Pantheon. Contact us for details.

Site Migrations

Moving large sites with complex architecture or customizations may require an expert in adapting legacy code to a modern web stack. The Site Migration service lowers the barrier to entry by leveraging our PS team and partners. Whether you're moving one or hundreds of sites to or within Pantheon, Pantheon Migration Services will help you get it done quickly and reliably.

Whatever your needs may be, Pantheon’s Drupal & WordPress migration experts provide white-glove, managed migrations. We do all the heavy lifting and let you focus on your WebOps workflow. Need to get a jump start on getting your sites migrated? Ask about priority migrations.

What does a site migration entail?

  • Qualification: We get access to the servers or site archives we'll need to undertake the migration, and we identify business-critical functionality that requires special attention and testing.
  • Initial migration: We use automated tools and processes to move code, databases and files, and to stand-up your new environments on Pantheon. We fine-tune the migration routine to ensure that everything is working as expected, and build out additional scripting and automated testing as needed. This provides a repeatable and auditable process, and enables pre-launch content syncing.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT): You test the site yourself. We have mechanisms in place to report any issues you find, and work to resolve those issues.
  • Launch Planning: We work with your team to coordinate launch planning, including content resyncs, load testing, SSL certificate pre-provisioning, and more.
  • Launch: Our team stands by during the DNS cutover to handle any potential migration issues and we stick around post-launch.

Visit the Site Migrations doc, or contact our Migrations Team for details.

Managed Updates

Pantheon's Managed Updates service keeps your site up to date with minimal interruption to end users. Allow Pantheon’s PS team to apply core and contributed plugin/module updates.

Your Engagement Manager monitors the process and works with you to ensure that updates are being applied cleanly and tested, minimizing interference with your day-to-day operations.

Visit our Managed Updates doc, or contact us for details.

Advanced Global CDN

Implement additional services like IP-based geolocation, extended WAF, Image Optimization, and Domain Masking using our Advanced Global CDN implementation.

Advanced Global CDN process overview:

  • Qualification: A member of the PS team works with your technical team to assess your needs and determine if your business requirements can be served with Advanced Global CDN.
  • Scoping: We work with your team to determine areas of responsibility for both PS and your team and to set timelines for the start and completion of work.
  • Configuration: PS sets up your site(s) and configures both the Advanced Global CDN service and your CMS.
  • Launch: We provide you with the information you will need to launch or re-launch your site on Advanced Global CDN.
  • Post-Launch: PS provides up to four hours per quarter to address requests and changes to the Advanced Global CDN service throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Visit our Advanced Global CDN doc, or contact us for details.

Pre-launch Load Testing

Load tests can be critical steps in ensuring a successful launch. See Onboarding Services Pre-Launch Load Testing for details.

Application Performance and Architecture

The Application Performance and Architecture team provides frontend and backend assistance with your WordPress and Drupal applications. Refer to Application Performance and Architecture for details.

Professional Service Hours (formerly CAS)

Ad hoc solutions to ensure the success of your application on Pantheon. Typically scoped on an hourly basis and provided by our Engagement Managers at Pantheon. Contact us for details.

This used to be called Custom Application Services (CAS), and has been renamed to capture the broader set of services Pantheon Professional Services offers.

Additional Services

The following services are not fulfilled by the Professional Services team but are additional services that Pantheon provides to help you succeed on the Pantheon platform.

Customer Success Management

Pantheon Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work proactively with you, helping you build agile website operations, achieve business goals, adopt best practices, and stay ahead of the competition. A dedicated CSM is included with all Diamond Accounts and is available as an add-on for Gold and Platinum Accounts. Your dedicated CSM meets with you regularly to provide site performance audits, review team usage of the platform, extend early access to new features, and ensure that you are getting the most value possible from the platform. Contact us for details.

Expert Training

Highly customized, one-on-one training from Pantheon's Developer Advocacy experts to help your development team apply custom workflows to active Pantheon projects. Tailored WebOps training for your entire team is also available.

We review your current projects and workflow to deliver trainings designed specifically to improve website operations for your team. These trainings can be delivered remotely, on-site, or online for multiple offices. Contact us for details.


Pantheon Onboarding Managers (OM) are your WebOps experts, to help facilitate a successful launch and ensure your team has the knowledge and tools to deliver value fast. Our Onboarding team makes sure your team has the WebOps tools and training to work effectively on the Pantheon platform. Visit the Onboarding doc or contact us for more details.