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Last Reviewed: June 22, 2021

Upload Your Files

Learn how to upload your files.

Files refer to everything stored inside sites/default/files. This usually consists of uploaded images, generated stylesheets, aggregated scripts, etc. Files are not under Git version control and are stored separately from the site's code.

You can use the Pantheon Dashboard, SFTP, or Rsync to upload your site's files.

Follow the steps below to export a tar.gz or .zip file of your directory files.

1. Export a `tar.gz` or `.zip` file of your files directory:

Navigate to your Drupal site's root directory to run this command, which will create an archive file in your user's home directory:

cd sites/default/files
tar -czf ~/files.tar.gz .
  1. Select the Dev environment in the Site Dashboard.

  2. Select Database / Files.

  3. Click Import and add your archive accordingly (based on file size):

    If your archive is under 100MB, you can upload the file directly:

    1. Click File in the MySQL database field > Choose File.

    2. Select your local archive file and click Import.

      Import MySQL database from file

    Note: If you recently imported the database and need to re-import, refresh the page and use a new filename for the database file.