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Terminus Platform Support

Learn more about Terminus support on the Pantheon platform.

This section provides information on Terminus support on the Pantheon platform. Refer to the Terminus Guide for comprehensive Terminus information, or to Supported Terminus Versions for detailed Terminus version compatibility.

Terminus Support

Terminus is Pantheon's command-line tool for power users. Terminus is designed for 'nix-type operating systems like MacOS and Linux. While some people have installed Terminus on Windows using the Git BASH on Git for Windows or Windows Subsystem for Linux shells, this is not officially supported.

If you're a Windows user, consider using a virtualization tool like VirtualBox to run a virtualized 'nix-type environment for tools like Terminus.

Terminus Can't Delete a Site or Multidev

You might encounter the following error when a site is created and then quickly deleted, or is deleted before the site creation process has completed:

[error] The environment '1234567' was not found.

Contact Support and ask to have the environment deleted.

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