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PHP Platform Support

Learn more about PHP support on the Pantheon platform.

This section provides information on general PHP support on the Pantheon platform. Refer to the PHP on Pantheon guide for comprehensive PHP information.

General PHP Framework Support

Pantheon does not currently support any PHP frameworks outside of Drupal and WordPress. The platform is only optimized for Drupal or WordPress and no others. Although PHP will run, we can not assist you in getting the non-approved frameworks running in any way.

PHP Configuration

php.ini cannot be customized or overridden on the Platform. Refer to Securely Working with phpinfo for more information on PHP configuration.

PHP/Java Bridge

Pantheon does not currently support the PHP/Java Bridge.

PHP Maximum Execution Time Limit

The upper time limit for PHP processing on the platform is 120 seconds. This is outlined in the Timeouts documentation and it cannot be increased. If a script is processing a large amount of data, for example, we recommend that the process be done in smaller batches that can execute sequentially to ensure success.

PHP Maximum Input Variables (max_input_vars)

The max_input_vars for each site is set to 10000 and can not be changed.

PHP Sessions with WordPress

If you need to use PHP's native session handling, please install the WordPress Native PHP Sessions plugin, which we maintain for this purpose. This provides a horizontally scalable storage mechanism for sessions.

You'll need the plugin if you are seeing errors like this:

Warning: session_start(): user session functions not defined

More information on sessions.

PHP Short Tags

PHP short tags (<? ... ?>) are not supported on Pantheon. The PHP Manual recommends not using short tags because they are not supported on every server. Additionally, using short tags can interfere with embedding PHP in XML. Your code will be more portable and re-distributable if you do not use short tags.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Pantheon does not support Server Side Includes. We recommend converting those to use PHP includes.


The XML-RPC PHP extension is, as of the last update to this document, listed as experimental and not included on the platform. Consider the XML-RPC for PHP library as an alternative.


For security reasons, Pantheon does not support executing MySQL LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statements from your PHP application. As a workaround, developers can connect directly to MySQL and load files from their local machine:

MariaDB [pantheon]> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'mydata.csv' INTO TABLE `pantheon`.`mytable` FIELDS TERMINATED BY ',' ENCLOSED BY '\"' LINES TERMINATED BY '\n';

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