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Products and Features

Learn about the components of the Pantheon platform.

Pantheon offers a wide array of products and features to simplify building and managing your sites.

Managed Hosting and Servers

WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress hosting delivers sites with unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability.

Drupal Hosting

One-click core updates, no server management, and the highest performance possible for the latest versions of Drupal.

Decoupled Hosting

Decoupled Sites run a Node.js codebase in parallel with a WordPress or Drupal site.


Nightly automated backups of your site’s database, files, and code.


Pantheon provides key-value based Redis for backend caching.


Pantheon's Global CDN is a core platform offering that provides improved performance and security for customer sites.

Failover and Recovery

Maintain 99.99% uptime and minimize loss in the event of a total data center failure.


All Pantheon sites come with built-in security features, including secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, and least-privilege user access.

Developer Tools

Build Tools

Build Tools connects Pantheon with your CI service and external Git provider.

Composer Dependency Manager

Composer provides an alternative, more modern way to manage the external (non-core) code used by a WordPress or Drupal site.

Dev & Staging Environments

Every site comes with identical Dev, Test, and Live environments, for testing your non-production instances before going live.


Pantheon provides industry standard version control with Git.

New Relic Performance Monitoring

New Relic® Performance Monitoring provides a nearly real-time look into the performance of a web application.


Edge Integrations is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows users to personalize WordPress and Drupal.

Terminus CLI

Access complete platform functionality from our integrated command line.


Valhalla creates a symbolic link (symlink), to the files directory in the appropriate location of your docroot.

Automation Tools

Visual Regression Testing (VRT) and Automatic Updates with Autopilot

Automate finding, testing, and applying WordPress and Drupal updates.

Quicksilver Webhooks

Use our Quicksilver Webhooks repository for a generic Webhook implementation.

Management Tools

Enterprise Billing Center

Detailed billing and site plan information for Enterprise (contract) customers

Pantheon Dashboard

Visualize and manage sites, users, traffic, metrics, visual regression testing (VRT), and more.