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Last Reviewed: June 15, 2021


Frequently asked questions about migration.

General FAQ

Does the migration cause downtime?

No, there is no downtime expected as part of the migration process. Performance implications to a live site are similar to running a backup for the site.

Why doesn't my site archive import correctly from Dropbox?

Change the end of Dropbox URLs from dl=0 to dl=1 so we can import your site archive properly. See the Dropbox documentation: How do I force a file or folder to download or render on

Is the MySQL MyISAM engine supported?

No. If any of your database tables are using the MyISAM engine, you'll need to convert them to InnoDB.

Can I use multiple SQL files in the archive?

No. The import will fail if multiple SQL files are present. Only provide one .sql file per site archive.

Can I use multiple settings.php files per site archive?

No. The import will fail if multiple settings.php files are present. Pantheon does not need the settings.php file to import the site. To prevent import problems, it's best to remove settings.php.

How do I migrate a local site to Pantheon?

Guided Migration does not support local sites. WordPress users should manually migrate.

WordPress FAQ

How long does the WordPress migration process take?

Most migrations are completed within two hours. The migration time depends solely on the size of your site, so be aware that it may take more or less time than estimated. We will send you an email when your migration is complete. If there are any issues with the migration, we will notify you by email.

Are database table prefixes supported?

You must review WordPress known issues for potential extra steps.

How do I clone an existing Pantheon site?

You can make a copy of a WordPress site on Pantheon by following the standard migration procedure. The procedure does not deviate for WordPress sites already hosted on Pantheon, and is preferred since it's built into the Site Dashboard.