User Dashboard and Account

The Pantheon user entity and its relationship to Drupal or WordPress sites, teams, and organizations.

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Access all of your sites and manage your account information from the User Dashboard. Site Dashboard

Sites Tab

Here you can add a new site, see every site you're a team member of, and see the number of free sites you have remaining. Return to this page by clicking the Pantheon logo.

Each site displays a screenshot of the Dev environment's home page. The default image is shown for sites that have not yet begun development. These thumbnails are updated after clearing caches, deploying code, and cloning or importing database or files to Dev.

Organizations Tab

If you belong to an organization, you will see it listed here and can click it to go to that organization's Dashboard.

Support Tab

View details for open support requests or create a new one.

Account Tab

This is where you can update and manage your personal account details. Use the options on the left navigation menu to:

  • Update your user profile details
  • Connect and disconnect your Google account (used for logging in to Pantheon with your Google identity)
  • Change your password
  • Set your login destination (if you're a member of an organization or agency)
  • Add and manage SSH keys
  • View billing details
  • Add machine tokens
  • Delete your account

Pantheon User Account Login Session Length

The Platform logs users out after 24 hours of inactivity, and forces all users to log back into the Platform every 30 days. This includes all users authenticated via Terminus.


To associate an image with your Pantheon account, you'll need to create a Gravatar for the email address you use with your Pantheon account. If you already have a Gravatar set up for another email address, update your Gravatar profile to add the email address you use on Pantheon. For help, visit the Gravatar Support page.

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